5 Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Vacation with Children during a Pandemic

Although the coronavirus pandemic has not improved, holidays at times like this are indeed allowed. Of course, you have to go through strict health protocols.

However, holidays during the pandemic still have their risks. Especially if you bring small children or babies.

If you still want a vacation with your children during a pandemic, there are some important things that you need to pay attention to. Here are several tips from https://nachrusslandreisen.de that you can apply so that your vacation with your little one stays safe and comfortable during the pandemic.

1. Use a face shield for your little one

Experts agree that masks should not be worn on children under the age of two. Masks can be dangerous for the safety of your little one.

The reason is that children under two years old have small respiratory tracts. So the use of a mask can interfere with your little one’s breathing.

In addition, the use of masks in children under 2 years also increases the risk of suffocation or choking. Instead, you can provide a face shield that is safe and does not risk injuring the child.

2. Wearing additional protection on the stroller

If the baby is still using the stroller, you can provide additional cover or protection. This additional shield is usually made of transparent plastic.

This additional protector can serve to protect your little one from droplets, rain, and insect bites. However, make sure this additional protector also has good air circulation.

3. Bring food in tightly closed packaging

Make sure the food that is brought for your little one is stored in a tightly closed container or package. The containers used must also be completely sterile.

In addition, the process of preparing your little one’s food for the trip must also be considered. Make sure when making food is also clean and sterile. The immune system of children, especially those who are still babies, is certainly different from adults.

4. Frequently disinfect your child’s items and hands

Young children are usually always active until they often touch their faces without realizing it. Therefore, it is important to frequently clean his hands using a cleaning liquid, either hand soap or hand sanitizer. Choose one that is safe for your child’s skin.

Also, clean items that your little one often touches, such as toys or game consoles. Avoid lending your child’s toys to his friends or other children.

5. Teach children to always apply 3M

Last but not least, always encourage children to apply 3M, namely wearing masks properly, washing hands regularly with soap and running water, and maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

You can teach children to wash their hands regularly. Also, teach children how to wear a mask correctly. The 3M health protocol is considered effective in breaking the chain of transmission of the coronavirus.

Well, those are some tips for a safe and comfortable vacation with your little one during the pandemic. Always obey the health protocols that apply wherever you are. Stay safe, everyone!