7 Tips to Successfully Market Your Notary Services

If you want to get steady business for your notary services, you should consider marketing your business consistently. Notaries often make a mistake because they rely solely on word of mouth marketing to get new clients. And in many cases, this is enough to get you a few clients every month.

While word of mouth marketing is still valid as a marketing tactic, relying solely on referrals dramatically limits the number of clients you have access to. With various marketing and advertising options available today, ranging from free to as high as you want to spend, why not market your notary services?

Why Should You Market Your Notary Services?

When you efficiently market your notary services, you open doors to more clients and higher profits. If you want to grow your notary business, when selling your business is imperative.

Marketing your business brings more clients and provides you with the capital you need to grow and expand your notary service business. However, many notaries believe that the costs involved with marketing are prohibitive. And while this is true in some instances, such as with traditional advertising, you still have various options available.

Certain kinds of advertising, such as billboards, radio ads and television commercials, can involve the high expenditure on your part. The good news is that the most prominent form of marketing today is either free or relatively cheap. Even a notary whose just starting and has absolutely nothing to spend towards a marketing budget can market themselves.

When you market your notary services, you receive the following benefits:

  • Increased traffic to your social media business profiles, website and other associated pages.
  • Increased calls from potential clients regarding your services.
  • Access to more clients, allowing you to negotiate your prices as well.
  • Steady work that provides you with the capital necessary to grow your business.

How Do You Market Your Notary Services?

The first thing you need to do if you want to market your notary services is conduct market research on your customers. This helps you understand what your clients are looking for and exposes any pain points that you can leverage to market your business.

Understanding who your potential clients are and who you want to attract to your business also helps you develop a marketing strategy. Consider creating buyer personas, which are essentially avatars that represent your ideal customers. Having around five of these informs you regarding the consumers you’re marketing to.

With this data, you can then develop a marketing strategy and create a marketing budget. But what kinds of marketing do you use in your process?

Here are seven tips that will help you market your notary services:

1. Get a Website

One of the most valuable ways to market your notary services is with the help of a website. While it’s true that you may need to spend on getting a domain name and hosting your website, this isn’t always the case. If you’re unable to pay towards a website, you can consider starting with a free webpage. WordPress is a great place to make this happen.

A website is something you can rest assured a potential client will look for and pore through. Investing in a website dedicated to your notary services as soon as possible is not a bad idea.

Consider also investing in a website developer and SEO expert. These two expenses have high returns on investment and can be necessary if you aren’t sure how to develop a website yourself. Your notary services website should contain your business name, contact details, as well as the services you offer.

2. Appear on Online and Offline Listings

People still use listings to find businesses and services. Consider approaching any local notary service listings in your area to register your business name. You can also come to local business listings that contain the details of several businesses. Getting your business’ name on any local business directories is also a great idea.

Online listings are another great approach to marketing your business. From listings dedicated to notary services to general online business listings within your service area, ensure that your business is available everywhere.

In all these listings, your business name, contact details, and business address should be available. Ensure that all the details provided are accurate and prospective clients can quickly contact you using them.

2. Social Media Marketing

The most lucrative form of marketing for your notary services is through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can connect you to people looking for notary services. People use social media every day, and it’s also free to use.

The trick to social media marketing is to aggressively and consistently market your business. You need to create engaging posts, post daily, and build conversations with potential clients. The more you engage with people on social media, the more likely they will come to you for your services.

An example of this is when a prospective client messages you on Facebook about your services. If you reply immediately or within a few hours, you stand a chance to secure that client for yourself. Remember that they may have messaged other notary services as well. You can also hire or outsource social media management should you not have the time to dedicate yourself to this form of marketing.

Social media marketing can be a grind, but it also provides the most significant returns on investment. If you want to speed things along, you can pay to have your services marketed to people who live in a particular area, of a certain age etc.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC advertising, involves posting ads for your business on various websites and search engines for a price. You pay the host when someone clicks on your ad. Such ads usually lead straight to the advertiser’s website.

The minimum amount of money you need to spend on an ad for PPC marketing is $0.10. However, it can go as high as you like. This means that when someone clicks on your ad, you pay the host you’re using a certain amount of money that you’ve decided upon. Keywords are used to make your ads visible. So when a client searches for a particular keyword, they come across your ads.

5. Traditional Advertising

Once you’ve started to grow your business, you can turn to traditional advertising. This is as conventional advertising tends to be more expensive. However, it’s a great way to raise awareness about your business within your service area.

Billboards, radio and TV ads are some examples of traditional advertising. But cheaper options like leaflets, brochures and flyers are also available. You can even send out newsletters that provide basic information about notaries and their services.

6. Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is valid, but it can be even more effective when done right. Instead of waiting for your clients to refer someone to you, why not ask them to refer someone? People are more likely to remember to refer people to you if you ask them to first. You can also ask for client testimonials, ask them to leave online reviews, or recommend anyone you can potentially approach.

The more dynamic you are in approaching and securing clients, the more successful you will be. Remember, however, to only approach people who you know are looking for notaries. Cold calling may or may not help you find clients, and client referrals are more effective.

7. Always Carry Marketing Collaterals With You

Having business cards printed is a great idea. Carry some of your business cards with you at all times. Present them to clients when they meet you first, present them at networking events, and even at local fairs.

Your business card contains your business contact details and your address. Ensure that these are printed right and that there are no errors. You can also consider getting other marketing collateral, like pens, notebooks and yearly calendars. Giving people things they are likely to use helps them remember your business when they are using them.


Marketing your notary services helps ensure that more people learn about business and approach you as prospective clients. With these seven tips, you can start selling notary services today.

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