How to Delete all Your Personal Information from the Internet

In this day and age, the existence of the internet seems inseparable from human life, both for the needs of information search, social media, shopping, and other online activities. One of the most widely used search engines is Google. As a multinational company, Google has the authority to store the personal data of each of its users, given that we have also used its services for free. As a result, a series of the necessary information will be displayed from various data collected, ranging from email addresses, social networking accounts, even photos to contact numbers if lucky.

However, what if we feel exploited by the internet and want privacy by eliminating traces recorded by search engines? Not to mention if our personal data information is used for negative purposes? Although it is not easy to delete all your personal information from the internet, at least you have tried the ways below.

The first step if you want to ‘withdraw’ from cyberspace is to delete all accounts on social networking sites, network services to online shopping sites

Keep in mind, whichever account you have your profile on. In addition to social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram, perhaps you still have public accounts on sites like Tumblr, Google+, or even private sites for example. Also included are online shopping sites that are also not to be missed.

If you want to delete the search, change your profile settings to private or private. Or, if you want your name lost altogether, you’ll inevitably have to delete your entire account on the sites that follow.

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Contact the relevant site to be willing to delete the personal information listed there

This happens if you have a personal website or company where you work that lists your data. Well, if you want to delete a forum post, you’ll need to contact the webmaster of the site individually. Take a look at the ‘about us’ section or contact the site page to find the right person to contact. If you don’t know, you can go to and search for contacts from the domain name you want to contact.

While personal site operators are under no obligation to delete your posts, be polite and state clearly why you want them removed so they can immediately follow up on your complaint.

Make sure your phone number is safe from searching the internet by asking your provider for help

Phone number is one of the information that is private and worth your protection from cyberspace. Try asking the provider to delete the information associated with your phone number. Similarly, other customer databases that can make your name and phone number details are stored on the internet. This can help you to avoid pranksters or unknown parties contacting you as you please.