How to Increase Your Agile PM Business Value

 My sponsors always wanted me to be able to add my name to the closing of a deal at the end of my career.  Other times, I would be asked to evaluate the final results of a research project and develop subsequent recommendations or plans for related projects, because I have always believed that every increase in its value is an important business strategy. As outlined on a agilepm course apmg.

So, I have always been curious – even when I realized it from both sides of the answer – as to what goes on inside corporate decision-making processes to determine if my opinions were being taken into account.  I became so curious, I began to think about what it takes to convince managers to act on my observations and ideas!

I have read several books on project management written by people who, obviously, study project situations.  The authors always mention one majorIgnition factors: credibility.  Credibility refers to the accuracy of the conclusions that are being made by the property’s skill, experience, and development procedures.  The most obvious Ignition factors vary in their impact on those people analyze and report on those situations.  For example, continuous learning and experience play a huge role in the process of project management.  It is significant that experts of all inclinations will insist on frequent and continuous training and experience change in all projects and programs.  I find it very interesting that every staffing agency I have had the pleasure of working with has found me to be credible and reliable to apply my experience and skill to each project!

Another Ignition factors that is important to managers is time, some projects can be longer compared to others.  Some projects have more closure needs compared to others, then other projects will always be shorter and will procrastinate all the less important activities.  It is important to consider all the differentignitionsthat will impact the project.

The key, I believe, is to learn and develop the ability to assess situations’ Ignition factors, and to understand people’s real motives and goals in their conclusions.  Additionally, project managers can gain some visibility into the decision-making process by studying how any CEO functions as a CEO, as she navigates her road through other projects, they can gain some insights into the factors that will distinguish one CEO from another.

Getting off your butt and focusing on the priorities as an executive in your organization is going to be one of the keys of success that I intend to help me to develop my experience in my career as a specialist in project management.  Hopefully, there will be cases of executives in smaller businesses that will want to engage me within their organization, so by providing guidance to small business projects, I can possibly develop my own familiarity with the notion that, “every project or program has definite processes, activities, and outcomes.”

I will be taking on a different type of project next month – from within my main organization.  I can expect in my words, my respective clients, “it will be a small company project, and a direct collaboration with the CEO’s executive team.”  The eventual conclusions about what drives client-company relationships are upon me!   If you look at me with international eyes, I cannot even begin to say what I will learn, but with my clients in the U.S., I am helping them to determine what concepts are of importance to their potential business associates.  That is actually above and beyond their awareness.

I could share with you some of my future projects and collaborating relationships with the accolades and recognition of elated CEO’s.  I am joining my peers in partnership with a recognized human resources consulting firm to complete a project for a client company that has just negotiated a major contract with an international company.  It will be an over 50 company in this case.  This client will have a total revenue of over $5 million US dollars, was created from a joint venture with a foreign company, and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  My role in this project will be all the more significant for the engagement because the organization I am going to have our work on is of the very senior national level, with a lot of different markets and countries.

I have made it part of my new corporate career to learn how to approach potential new opportunities with thankfulness and appreciation.  I have barely scratched the surface of understand what it takes to acquire recognition as a project manager, but what I have learned and learned will help me to increase my ability, increased my ability to raise new clients, and hopefully – I will become better able, for my clients, to give them value on the results of their investments.

As such, my fellow project managers, there may be some good gaining to continue to benefit from, as you adopt new concepts, greater knowledge and more wisdom that benefit you and your company.  Please look forward to continuing the lesson-learning process in personal and professional development!