Matt Davies Stockton Shares the Benefits of Using TikTok for Marketing Success


According to Matt Davies Stockton, while TikTok started as a lip-syncing app similar to Vine, it has evolved into an amazing platform for the marketing efforts of businesses. With over a billion active monthly users, no serious business can afford to ignore TikTok. Let’s check out the benefits of using TikTok for marketing success. 

The Benefits

1. Huge audience base – With over a billion active users spending more than 6 hours on the app every week, TikTok has a huge untapped audience base. That makes it an ideal marketing platform. The app has shown staggering growth and recently even overtook Google as the most visited website. Very few social media platforms have such a large user base and engagement numbers. If you can target even a tiny fraction of that audience base, you set your business up for success. 

2. Localization – Despite globalization’s success, localization still has major benefits. TikTok specializes in localization. The app works in over 140 countries and has users from specific locations creating relevant videos for their communities. That’s why it’s perfect for brands that operate in multiple locations. Your business can maintain its edge in marketing your products and services and competing with local businesses. Promotional videos can be tailored to fit the local language and culture.

3. Incredible user engagement – TikTok’s unique algorithm allows businesses to get more user engagement with less effort. Even if you’re new to the platform with no followers, your videos can go viral if it’s interesting and engaging enough. Over 90 percent of users on the platform use the app several times a day and that keeps the engagement rate high. Moreover, the app has inbuilt tools for editing your promotional videos.

4. Creative liberties – The short-form content on TikTok has birthed new kinds of videos that are never seen on other platforms. That’s why TikTok videos are always a bit weird and odd, but very entertaining. People are always hungry for engaging and authentic content on the platform and that makes it a great place for engaging, connecting, and building relationships with your customers.

5. A never-ending pool of influencers – TikTok algorithms can make you go viral even if you have a handful of followers or made your account just the day before. Gaining followers on the platform is also easier compared to other platforms. You can choose from a vast pool of influencers with thousands or millions of followers that fit your branding needs.

Searching through such a vast pool of influencers isn’t difficult since TikTok has an analytic tool, Creator Marketplace. The tool helps businesses find the right influencers to partner with and promote their products and brands. The tool also allows you to look at the influencer’s views, reach, demographics, and more such relevant data points.  


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you consider TikTok for bolstering your marketing efforts. Your social media marketing campaigns are incomplete without TikTok, especially when their user base is still growing with very promising engagement numbers.