NFT Is Increasingly Trending, Wider And Can Enter Into Various Crypto Commodity Assets

Currently Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is increasingly becoming a trend in the world. Because NFT can be an interesting instrument that can digitize artwork or other assets. Not only that, but NFT is also similar to crypto assets that can be traded so that they can have the opportunity to become an investment in the blockchain system.

The difference between crypto money and NFT is in its limitations. If crypto money is in the form of coins that are traded with a certain amount, while NFT is the value of digital artwork with a limited amount compared to crypto. Of course, the owner gets its exclusivity to the digital art they own.

On the other hand, the use of NFT is now wider and can be entered into various commodity assets, thus making it more flexible. NFT is also known as one of the cryptos that can have many benefits for various industries.

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This great potential also has a significant impact on people’s lives. Through the Meta Forest Society, a collaboration between On Us Asia, Hara Token, and Nice to Meet You Studio, now NFT can have a real impact on farmers to survive during the pandemic. This proves that NFT is not only beneficial for the owner but has positive implications for the progress of the nation.

Centralized Crypto Data Storage Using Decentralized Social Media

Blockchain technology continues to develop, not only in the realm of payments but now also on social media platforms. With the concept of decentralized social media, this one social media can guarantee more privacy.

The centralization of mainstream data storage and social media is a significant point of difficulty, leading to censorship, privacy breaches, and security breaches, with economic imbalances.

The answer is always to use decentralized social media that can shop information and content permanently on the blockchain with quantum attack-resistant security. Data stored on the blockchain is immutable, transparent, timestamped, and poses no risk of hacking, tampering, or loss due to its decentralized nature. Tokenization of value on the blockchain also provides a medium for incentives that return ownership rights and profits to users.

Raising NFT Arts Funds Using a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

One of the ways that DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) helps the NFT industry is in the ownership of Art Collective DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Usually, investing in NFT requires significant capital. Of course, not everyone can afford this. As such, various DAOs have been established to enable a group of people today to collectively own high-value NFTs with out incurring huge expenses.

Take PleasrDAO for example. It is a collective of “DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors, and digital artists” that raises funds for the highly prized NFT. In line with its internet site, the organization collects digital art that “represents and funds significant suggestions, movements, and causes”. For all NFTs it purchases, DAO members collectively share costs and ownership of assets. The organization, which was originally founded to buy Uniswap V3 NFT, has now purchased NFTs such as Edward Snowden’s “Stay Free” NFT – the only one in existence. PleasrDAO bought it for 2,224 ETH or about $5.4 million at the time!