Project Management with prince2

 Project management is the management within an entity of all the various methodologies, procedures and policies involved in bringing about a particular service or satisfying a certain need or goal, within a designated span of time and methodical schedule. For certain government, commercial and non-governmental entities wherein service delivery is touch-point or face-to-face, it is the sole responsibility and order of the project manager to ensure that these are carried out to a satisfactory level of quality. While for other entities, it is the project manager of the organization, department or function whose goal is project management, ensuring that all services are being delivered as they are expected to be. As on a prince 2 course ireland.


Take for example the school or college, which is a public university, and has the choice of having one of its students serve as a professor for a seminar.  An essential component of the process in which to facilitate the presentation is to prepare the syllabus of the subject and to implement the basic and basic teaching and, simultaneously, prepare the presentation.

Also, all doctors in a hospital decide to do the healthcare examination.  They decide to act as nurses and face the same problems as doctor’s in delivering their duties and responsibilities.  The various services of a doctor will be determined by policy, procedure and resource allocation rather than by the behavior of a doctor himself.

The pizza parlor has hired a youth to cater for their peak business hours.  The youth, in a presentation package determined by policy, procedure and resource allocation, isiking to do complete consulting, motivational and guidance to the staff which in turn, will depend on policy, procedure and resource allocation.

Planning, Initiating, Directing, Directing, Coordinating and supervising all serve to make the group a cohesive unit as they are coordinated, working together and read off each other’s scripts, responses to situations and speech to communicate both verbally and non-verbally.  They make a whole more than the sum parts of its parts.

Working Group

Working groups are very popular and are very valuable entities, where team members involve themselves in their assigned tasks as well as with their task to obtain something specific.  Before discussing any company’s working group; first it’s important to take into consideration what you want to achieve.  How is your organization to define its working areas and what do you want them to do?

What do you need to accomplish?  The point I am trying to drive at is this, successful working groups take into consideration things like the objectives of their roles in the organization and their function in achieving the objectives of their organization.  This is the reason why they come up with an effective strategy to achieve the designated goals.

Take the example again.  In the example mentioned above, they decided to have a vibrant marketing activity during their peak hours of business.  How is this marketing campaign going to be successful, and what is the objective of the campaign?  Will it help improve the output of the team?  Will it increase volunteers?  From there, they can then set a working schedule more appropriate in relation to the work needed/commissioned, important as it is.

In practical terms, how many members of your team are necessary to meet the deadline you have set?  Will it hinder the individual efforts of each member of the group to handle their own tasks as they come up, it will allow for individual productivity improvements as well as team work facilitation.

To keep time, the organizing groups will also commit to time schedules, related to the time that they might need to invest in the effort.

Group Performance

The objective of a working group is the same as the objective of the whole organization.  It is its capacity to accomplish a specified task with the contribution of its members which in the end also answers the question of its performance.  It is the group’s effort which is the path to success, and not of its members alone.  It is also the same as working, and working groups are working groups.

One can therefore say that working groups and working individuals are but two different things.  If done well, the organizations will achieve their goals.  In other words, they do not achieve the sum total of their goals, but in a Ens preclude form.  Abstractly, generating good tech emergy is can be Beauty queen and plain Jane…

Professional approach

Project management offers a wide array of theoretical concepts, various implementation practices and overseeing procedures to ensure that tasks of different groups of different kinds are executed as planned and as per schedule by the members of the group. Project management deals with a plan that would enable one to get a job done.  Project management is the methodology of how one optimizes resources, to enable one get the job done.