Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Feel Better

You feel sad, I feel sad; we all feel sad and discouraged. Don’t we? It’s normal. Life is a mix of gloomy and blooming moments. It is best said that sharing your sadness with others tends to diminish its impacts or make you feel better. No denying, it surely does. But what if you do not have a person to rescue or you don’t feel like talking to someone? You can’t exit in the dark phase forever. You need to muster the courage and walk out of it. It can be challenging, but some challenges are worth taking. We are with you in this journey, and we have laid out a few steps you can incorporate into your daily life when you feel not so happy

  1. Nature Walks: Nature is therapeutically healing. The freshness, the greenery, the winds; everything makes you feel calm and innately good. Do stroll in the park or spend time in the caress of nature when you want to heal. Had a breakup? Stand up from your bed, go sit on the balcony where you have planted pots with beautiful flowers and green leaves. Don’t have plants? Consider shopping it from an online nursery, and you would feel good. Nurture the plants, and you will get the courage to nurture yourself. Bring home succulents to learn the lesson of growing in whichever situation you are in. Resilience can be learned from succulent plants.
  2. Play With Pets: Pets are the loyal friends you are blessed with. Everyone may leave you, but your furry friends will always come running to you when you are back at home. Playing with pets has also proven to be good for mental health. That’s why it is always advisable to have a furry friend by your side. Play with your dog or cat all day to feel the love you are craving. If you don’t have a pet, there are several pet-friendly cafes where you can spend time or drop by the house of your friend who is petting a furry baby.
  3. Cuddle with Soft Toys: If you are someone who is scared of pet animals, we have an alternative for you. Cuddle and play with your soft toys. It will help. Many people find comfort in this act and gesture. Girls have soft toys for their undeniable love for it, so consider this idea when your heartaches.
  4. Eat a Dessert: Remember, self-love is the greatest love. Fall in love with yourself first and then with someone else. Choose to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. Have a dessert-break with chocolate cake or a bar of dark chocolate. Chocolate is antioxidant and has flavonoids that assist in the release of endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. When you hit a low point in your life, the best thing to come out of it is to treat yourself. It’s summer; even an ice-cream tub will be suitable for you.
  5. Go For Shopping: There is no rule like only girls like shopping. Both girls and boys can enjoy this activity; it depends upon the person. Some are extreme shopaholics, while others are occasional shoppers. To divert your mind and to indulge in self-pampering exercise, shopping is good. If not for oneself, you can shop for your loved ones. Rakhi is coming, shop for your sister or brother, they are the ones who will never leave you. You can do rakhi online shopping if you don’t feel like stepping out of your house.
  6. Meditate: When you are upset, your brain races in ten directions. You think of all the negatives and unwanted situations. It is like your brain is overpowering you. In such a scenario, what do you wish for? Well, you desire moments of calmness. You want to feel at rest. Meditation is the answer. Sit for meditation, and you will connect with yourself on a deeper level. Jealousy and hatred will seem to fade away.
  7. Do what you like: For a day or so, binge-watch your favourite shows. It is important to keep yourself engaged in an activity you like doing the most. If not shows, you can read books, watch television, play video games, try your hands at mandala painting. Do things that make you happy. But, do not let the process consume you. You may come on contentpond

Hoping these ideas will help you as it has helped us too. Take care of yourself.