Using Personal Email Account to Do Email Marketing – A Matter of Concern

Many small businesses use a personal email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL to communicate with a list of email contacts.

Are you among these people?

If you are, you might have experienced some limitations or restrictions in what you can and cannot do using your personal email account.

Let me give you an idea of why using a personal email account is not advisable;

Is Your Email List Qualified?

But before that, let us look at your email database. Is it full of genuine email addresses? 

Not sure?

Well, this is an essential factor to look into before anything else.

If you struggle with finding email addresses or have no clue about how to find email addresses, here is a pro tip for you.

I highly suggest using email search tools, specifically the tool, for its high accuracy rate and fantastic customer support. However, you may start with the freemium package and compare between different tools to conclude.

Now that you have a system in place, you can be confident about the quality of your data. With this, you can start your email marketing.

Why Not Personal Email Account?

Now let us continue with the issues accompanied with the personal account in email marketing.

A significant issue with using your personal email account is that you may find it tough to create emails that make your business appear professional and align with your brand.

Then, did you feel confident that all your mails reached your recipients’ inbox? I guess you don’t. That’s because when you send a high volume of emails from your personal email, there is a high chance that it’s being sent to the spam folder.

The next issue you had faced could be with the tracking part. When you try to keep track of new email addresses and remove the ones that are no more effective, it could take up a lot of your time and cause immense stress. 

You will not be informed about what happens with your emails after it reaches your prospects’ inboxes. Whether it is opened or still lying there unopened or someone clicks o the CTA link, you have no idea when you are using a personal email account.

That’s quite a lot of issues, right?

Email Marketing Service Provider at Rescue!

Many email marketing services are formulated to make it effortless to create professional emails that drive good outcomes for your business.

These services provide you the tool you need to manage your email list and track crucial metrics such as the open, CTA, etc., for your emails. With this, you can quickly learn what’s working out well and locate the opportunities to improve.

Other benefits of using email marketing services that you don’t get with your personal email account;

  1. You can send bulk emails at one time.
  2. It gives you an option to allow your subscribers to unsubscribe easily. When you fail to provide this option, you damage your brand’s reputation and violating the email law.
  3. You can easily host and manage your list from a single place.
  4. With these tools, you can send both an HTML and text version of an email; This will ensure that your emails are delivered in the correct format to your subscribers.
  5. Many email service providers give you access to hundreds of professionally framed email templates that you can use to create professionally good-looking emails.
  6. When using a good email marketing service, you are assured of your email deliverability as they maintain strong permission policies.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, email marketing is a highly effective marketing tool for small businesses. Hence do not wait to switch to an email marketing service provider.