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Identity Card (ID CARD) has long been an important aspect of people’s lives. In fact, it can be said that ID CARD is like the “life” of the population. Because, ID CARD is useful in various matters.

Besides being useful in various business, ID CARD also contains some important personal information, especially ID CARD. Therefore, it is not surprising that ID CARD is widely misused nowadays.

Don’t Spread Uncensored ID CARD

The public is asked not to upload photos of Identity Cards (ID CARD) on social media. This action makes the ID CARD and a person’s number vulnerable to being misused by irresponsible parties.

In addition, the ID CARD contains personal data such as name, ID CARD, address for leaving or providing photos and ID CARD numbers are a gap for criminals to make loans on fintech applications or buy goods and can even be used to break into bank …

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