Forex Brokers With Welcome Bonus And How To Distinguish The Good From Scams

If you are a novice trader, you may be looking for trusted Forex brokers with welcome bonus that provides forex bonuses with varying bonus sizes. Usually, this bonus is given to prospective traders who have just registered and created an account with a broker. Forex bonuses do sound tempting, don’t they?

But How to distinguish a good forex bonus from a scam? Read more

If you do an internet search about forex brokers who are suspected of committing fraud or scams, the numbers will make you worry. Although the forex market is gradually becoming more regulated, there are still many brokers out there who are looking for potential traders to be scammed.

That’s why, when you want to look for trading bonuses that are provided by these brokers, whether the bonus is a real offer or not, then you must first find out the identity and reputation and other things about the broker before you decide to join. that broker.

Check Out The Following To Find Out What To Watch Out For:

Pay Attention To The Various Reviews From Other Sources

Before choosing a broker with all its attractive bonus offers, you need to know the broker’s assessment of the reviews given by many traders through articles on the internet. You are advised not to believe too much with just one review because sometimes their reviews are subjective and dishonest. IC Markets is one of the most trusted brokers and has many good reviews from previous users. The best bonuses that IC Markets provide are their service with minimum commissions, good quality of customers, and letting traders use a free VPS connection.

Thus, you need to make a complete conclusion from the various testimonials and reviews given by traders who have joined these brokers. The reviews are usually in the form of exposure to the advantages and disadvantages of the broker. For example, you can find out whether the bonuses can be obtained by them easily and smoothly, or if this bonus turns out to be just a hoax.

Find Out The Broker’s Reputation So Far

In choosing a trusted broker, first, you need to find out the reputation that the broker has had so far starting from the beginning of its operation until now, does the broker have a reputation that is globally good or bad, positive or good? Even though you know, there is no single broker that guarantees customer satisfaction up to 100%, but at least you can check its reputation from the official website of each broker. For example, you can check whether the brokers have won international awards in providing security and comfort to their customers.

In addition, you can also do a google search via the internet or ask about the reputation of the brokers on various forex forums that discuss trading a lot. And ideally, a good broker will always provide things such as depositing and withdrawing account funds, opening trading accounts, etc. in an easy, clear, transparent, and accountable manner.

Check Broker License Carefully And In-depth

Looking for a broker who has a clear license is very important when you decide to look for a broker that offers such lucrative bonuses. In this case, you need to consider whether the brokers are well regulated by regulatory and financial bodies whose performance is recognized by the world community. Thus, if the forex broker is not regulated, at least by a financial authority in a world country, then the validity of the broker is questionable because most likely, the broker is fraudulent and fake.

For example, I have checked the Mitra de license to make sure whether this broker is regulated by the world financial body or not. And now I can breathe a sigh of relief because Mitrade has been regulated by clear and very transparent laws. So I think, you should not doubt the legality of this Mitrade broker. The point is that Mitra de is a safe broker that you need to pay attention to start trading. Now let’s look at the evidence below!

Wrapping Up

As a novice trader, you will usually be given several options for the types of bonuses offered by trusted forex brokers including no deposit forex bonuses and bonuses if you send a referral code to your friends. You can choose one of them according to your needs and comfort, which one is more suitable for your financial capital.

And usually, you are asked to create a trading account first. To get these bonuses, you need to also read the terms and conditions listed on each of the official sites so that you can receive and use this bonus to the fullest.