How to Create an Attractive CV for Beginners

After graduating from college, our next plan is to apply for a job to quickly get a job. However, before applying for a job there are several things that you must prepare, one of which is a CV or resume that becomes your initial capital attracting the attention of recruiters to call you into the selection at his company.

The number of CVs that go to recruiters, makes you have to compete with other applicants so that your CV can be selected and processed to the next stage. For your CV to be looked at, you need a special trick. You have to make your CV as interesting as possible.

If this is your first job, you should prepare your CV as best you can. Pay attention to how to make an attractive CV for beginners so that your CV can attract attention.

Summarizing various sources, here’s how to make an attractive CV for beginners that you can apply. Check it out yuk!

1. Pay attention to what needs to be written

First, how to make an attractive CV for beginners is to always pay attention to what should be written. You can first find out what should be on your CV. For example, in the CV

Interesting for beginners should usually always be written the last education, an explanation of brief expertise, to work experience relevant to the job you will apply for.

2. Pay attention to the writing and do not let the typo

Once you already know what to write, how to make an interesting CV for beginners in the next is to write information about yourself. Write carefully and don’t let there be a typo in your writing. Spelling mistakes you write on your CV can make you look unprofessional.

3. Make an interesting and easy-to-read CV

If you’ve written down all the things you need for your CV, it’s time to put that information into an interesting form. Do not be too innocent because it will make recruiters bored and reluctant to read it, but do not be too crowded because it will be dizzying recruiters. Also, pay attention to the font size you use, do not be too small, and do not use complicated font types that make it difficult to read.

. Don’t be too long

Writing a list of achievements and jobs that we have achieved before in the CV can indeed have its pride value. But, what you should pay attention to when making an attractive CV for beginners is not too long. Cv is only one page because recruiters only have a short time to read it.

5. Take advantage of CV templates

Lastly, if you are confused about how to create an attractive CV for beginners, you can take advantage of cv templates that you can get online. Currently, there are many free CV templates that you can access and take advantage of. You can choose an interesting template that describes your personality or the job you are applying for. If your CV is interesting, it is guaranteed that you will succeed in attracting the attention of recruiters.