How to use the Alight Motion application for beginners

Alight motion is a video editor and animation editor application that is quite popular among multimedia kids. In fact, not a few YouTube content creators use this application to edit their videos.

Because this application is not popular enough among the public, not many people can operate this application properly. Examples of how to make a light motion that are widely used are making transitions, tutorials on making and so on

But before I explain the procedures for using you must be download on here Alight Motion app, I want to explain the interesting features of the Alight Motion application. Check out the following explanation!

4 Interesting Features Available in Alight Motion

1. Without a Watermark

In general, the developer application includes a watermark in the video editing application he makes. It also aims to protect and protect their applications, so that they can only be used by users with the permission of the application developer. To get rid of the watermark, you are required to pay a monthly fee in advance according to the price listed on the application. However, for the alight motion video editor application, you don’t need to pay a fortune to remove watermarks, because this application is watermark-free.

2. Can be Exported to Various Formats

If usually the results of the video that we edit can only be exported in the mp4 format, it is different with the Alight Motion application. In the Light Motion application, users can export edited videos into various formats, such as gif, XML, PNG sequences, JPEG sequences, and others.

3. Provide a myriad of attractive fonts

In terms of editing, the use of Fonts has a very important role in the video. In addition to improving the quality of the video, the use of fonts is intended so that the message or information contained in the video can be conveyed properly by the audience. Well, if usually, the number of fonts in the video editor application is very limited, in contrast to the Alight Motion application which has a collection of interesting fonts that you can try.

4. Visual Effects

So far, it’s rare for an android video editor application to add visual effects in one application at a time. In the Alight Motion application, you can add various kinds of visual effects that have been provided by Alight Motion, so that the results of the video you edit are better and of higher quality. If you want to learn how to edit easily, you can visit