Measuring, control and automation systems

The reliable system of measurement devices is an essential part of any advanced Industry 4.0 facility. Automated measurement solutions include two main parts – data acquisition equipment and corresponding software. Reliable and high quality data collection units ensure efficiency and productivity. Substantial data, such as temperature, voltage, pressure, metrics for liquids and gases – can be available in real-time and are crucial in obtaining a maximum performance. Cutting-edge software analytical tools allow us to handle more information coming from different sources, that can be aggregated, segmented and presented in a clear form for the end user. This allows them to be demand-responsive and sensitive to any changes in external and internal conditions.

Raising the amount of collected data shall be properly archived, stored and be in immediate access for the end users. Highly reliable and top quality on-site data recording and storage systems play an important role in this field. The ability to handle big amounts of process data, captured from various inputs, as well integrated additional data management tools, data protection solutions, intuitive functionality – are principal requirements for such units.

Another distinguishing characteristic of data acquisition systems is their ability to convert incoming analog signals into consistent digital data. Resolution, accuracy, noise levels and speed are key factors here. Amplifiers help to increase the weak signal and improve its quality, as well to equalize it, compared with other similar sources.     

Modern safety systems for industrial facilities include not only measures aimed at protection of human personnel, but also there is another critical challenge to ensure the continuous and seamless operation, as well maintaining all elements of the facility in proper condition, ensuring timely replacement of worn-out and faulty parts. This is accomplished through enhanced application of safety monitoring and limiting devices in key areas of any facility. Temperature, pressure and other process variables can be precariously controlled in order to make early and reliable detection of any potential risks to personnel, environment, products and equipment itself.

Automation equipment producers pay special attention to development of effective and customizable software for their devices. Weak IT solutions can harm the whole production process in the same manner as any faulty hardware. On the other hand convenient and user-friendly software is a key to success. The main and overarching goal of each producer is to create a powerful and integrated environment, based on seamless interaction between onsite sensing units, controllers, processing centers and man-machine interfaces within the entire industrial automation system. Multifunctional digital units allow to configure any module, to set up values and parameters, make remote control of operations, to visualize the current status, to enable data archiving and evaluation. 

It makes sense to pay attention to the following producers of measuring and control equipment: 

Jumo is a German supplier of control, recording and monitoring sensors for various industries and applications.

Dynapar supplies reliable encoders for different industrial automation solutions with headquarters in the USA. 

Pilz – another German supplier  which specialises in the production of safety sensing equipment. 

Megatron product portfolio includes motion sensors, potentiometers, amplifiers and other auxiliary parts required for industrial automation . All items are also made in Germany. 

Crouzet production facilities are located in France and the range of its items includes position sensors, switches, protection devices and other necessary items for automated arrangements.