Starting a new business often seems quite a daunting task. Even in the face of the best times in life, it can be quite the mountain to battle with. Considering past turmoils, the 2019 Brexit fiasco, and all of the implications of the lockdown in 2020, starting a new business has never seemed harder. However, brave newcomers and already existing entrepreneurs continue to push on as they make their legacy.

In 2019 alone, there were over 14500 new business registrations in Hampshire. This drove the previous value up by 6.5{9b05dda05d1a6149e553980fd75ab86197b83a97fc3537936812639272beac2c} in the last year alone. At the end of 2020, there was a record with over 15250 companies. This was an even bigger record-breaking year for the business industry.

When compared to the previous year, 2020 now held the record with a 2.4{9b05dda05d1a6149e553980fd75ab86197b83a97fc3537936812639272beac2c} increase. In Southampton alone, there were 2180 new businesses. Portsmouth ranked second on the list with a whopping 1845 new businesses and the third was East Hampshire with 1814.

These numbers indicated that even despite hardships the economy was on the road to recovery and it was filled with resilience and strength. However, the overall economic output was set at £50 billion. This simply meant that Hampshire businesses made a significant contribution to their economy. Economists claimed that Hampshire has made the biggest contribution in the South East.

So, if you’re planning to be a part of this booming economy in Hampshire, there are tons of great resources that you can look into. As far as networking goes, you’ll be able to make use of mentoring and support groups that make any situation the best. So, read on as we dive into some of the best.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce has always been a not-for-profit space. It is made up of almost 2000 businesses that are owned by families from the private sector. This is a great way for new companies and startups to be established and the benefits for members are just amazing.

In the case of startups, they even offer legal, HR and tax advice as needed. Members can also benefit from others in the group since special services and discounts are always awarded. There’s also an impressive line-up of training and services for those interested. However, you’ll gain amazing opportunities as you take your company from one level to the next.

Enterprise Business South

This particular entity has always been dedicated to its economy. Hence, all like-minded professionals are always brought together in a special forum where they can work together. Some of the best, including business leaders, public bodies and educators all come together to make strong connections.

The independent group is recommended for businesses of all stages, especially newcomers. They even offer free courses for those interested in coaching and mentoring. If you’re interested you can access all of the information about their “Create” course via their website. On the site, you’ll even be able to access a special survival guide that contains spreadsheets for cashflows, press releases, and business plans.

Government Start-Up Loan

Before a business can be up and running, there’s a special level of investment and planning that is needed. Start-up loans from the government are the perfect sources of funding. Owners can access up to £25000. However, to access an unsecured loan the following is necessary:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Reside in the UK
  • Have a registered business that has been active and trading for at least 24 months.

After being a successful applicant, persons will receive sufficient help with their business plan. They’ll also receive up to 12 months of mentoring. Starting a new business is always a daunting process.

When you contact us, we’ll get you started with the digital aspects of the process. For a guide to our full range of services for ecommerce development in Hampshire, be sure to contact us today. We’ll show you the best ways that you can showcase your company as you manage your online presence.