High-quality furniture can last for generations and look even better than new if properly maintained. It gets damaged if you don’t pay attention or use it poorly. That’s why you should know how to keep your furniture looking new and last long so that you don’t need to search for “furniture repair near me”. Here’s how you can keep your furniture looking new:

The Ways

1. Don’t misuse – Most of us keep food, drinks and all kinds of things on our furniture. However, you can be forgetful and keep the hot cocoa or coffee directly on the wooden or metal table. Those things are hot and even if you set up cold drinks or food on the table or desk, you risk damaging the wood or the finish of the metal surface. Even if you have laminate over your furniture, it can get damaged or warped out due to extreme temperatures.

That’s why you should always stack a few coasters on your furniture so that they are always at easy reach and can be used for keeping the hot food or drink without damaging the furniture. If you want to keep large dishes on your table, make sure that you have potholders or trivets on standby. You can also apply an anti-spill coating or a cloth on the table so that spills don’t damage your food and drinks.

2. Protect from the elements – The elements can also have a devastating effect on your furniture. For instance, if your home is too humid it can quickly damage the wood on your furniture. It may bloat up and bring structural instabilities. On the other hand, while sunlight and heat may not damage the internal structure of wood, it can devastate the finish and the top layer and make your brand-new furniture look ancient within a few days. That’s why you need to keep your home ventilated and also keep your furniture away from direct sunlight or heat. Use thick drapes or tinted glass to keep your furniture shaded.

3. Dust as often as you can – Dusting is a boring and mundane chore that takes a significant portion of your weekend. However, it’s one of the best ways to keep your furniture looking new. There are a lot of microbes in the air that like to settle on your furniture and create a thin layer. When you dust often, the germs and bacteria don’t get to create this layer. If you have hard surfaces made from tough metal, use lambswool dusters to reach all the crevices and get rid of the stubborn dust. For wooden furniture, you should use soft cloth or microfibers that are delicate and can’t scratch the wood surface. 

4. Keep it clean – While dusting is effective, it isn’t foolproof. You need a thorough cleaning to get rid of all kinds of filth from your furniture. First of all, you need an effective cleaner that isn’t harsh and doesn’t cause any damage to your furniture. Avoid all-purpose cleaners at all costs. If you have areas that are heavily stained or have something sticky on them, use a damp cloth with soapy water made from mild detergent and wring it out. After you clean those areas, rinse them with a fresh damp cloth and then dry them with a microfiber towel.

5. Set up house rules – Your furniture costs a lot and you want it to look pristine and last as long as possible. That’s why you need to set up ground rules. Whether they are adults or kids, you should prevent everyone from eating where they shouldn’t be. No jumping on the couch and no unauthorized pillow fight unless it’s a slumber party. If you abuse the furniture, it’s going to get damaged very easily and even surface-level harms cost a lot to repair.  

6. Treat wear and tear – Even when you’re too careful with your furniture, it may get damaged. That’s why you should check for minor damages once in a while and fix them up before they can spiral out of control. Check for minor scratches and nicks and use scratch cover liquids to polish those areas. This will hide small abrasions and restore the wood to its former beauty. If damage is too drastic, you need to paint that portion of the furniture to give it a brand-new look. Painting is an easy hack if you want to avoid time-consuming tasks like sanding.    

7. Re-oil and re-polish – Wood furniture has an unmistakable shine and over time the oil that’s responsible for that shine dries up. To restore the lustrous wooden shine, clean your wood furniture thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner and then lightly prepare the surface with steel wool along the grain so that the oil is absorbed properly. After that, be liberal with oil application and let it sit and soak for 15 minutes or more.

If you have metal furniture, you should re-polish it so that it can have the same luster as the first day it entered your home. Don’t use polishes that have ammonia since they would corrode the metal and oxidize them later. Use a mild polish to get the job done. You also need to polish the hardware on both your wooden and metal furniture. However, protect the wood surface around the hardware with masking tape. 

8. Buy slipcovers – Even when you set house rules, children and full of curiosity and mischief. That’s why investing in slipcovers is a great way to protect your furniture. Even if someone spills by accident, your furniture won’t be damaged. It’s also a great investment for couples who don’t have children. If you organize a party at your home things are going to get messy and the slipcover will be there for the rescue. Moreover, when you go on a long vacation, slipcovers prevent dust accumulation on your furniture and keep them brand new.


If you follow these tips to keep your furniture looking new, they will also last long, and you won’t have to search for “furniture repair near me”.