A playground is a fun place, especially for toddlers. They can play various games such as seesaw, slide, swing, and other games.

Games that are made on a playground are not without purpose, you know. In particular, it plays a role in stimulating your child’s gross motor skills and sensory skills. These skills will later be useful for the child’s daily life, to prepare him for school later. Among them, children will be better at focusing on learning, nourishing their bodies, and building self-confidence.

So, here are the benefits of 7 games that are generally available on playgrounds.


Slides are one of your children’s favorite games. When playing the slide, he will climb the ladder first and this trains him to maintain balance and coordinate his eyes, feet, and hands before finally slumping down. For those of you who want to buy Pikler at an affordable price, you can try Pikler Bogen. This product is made from environmentally friendly materials such as natural wood and plywood, which are protected in an environmentally friendly and child-safe way.

Wall Climbing

This game may be suitable for children who are quite active and like challenges. How not, because it is quite extreme because it allows children to climb and be at a height. Through this game, he will train him in coordinating the order of the hands and feet when climbing, balance the body and develop the strength of his fingers. Not just walls, some playgrounds provide similar games made of ropes.


Or a tube-shaped game that requires your child to crawl in it until the exit. This game can stimulate muscle strength and body coordination.


One of the favorite toys too! Swing is a source of vestibular input or that plays a role in good balance, coordination, and control of body movements. Because the body is required to move so that the swing continues to swing. The thrust of the legs when playing the swing plays a role in developing sequencing and motor coordination skills for toddlers.

Hanging pole

Playing hanging poles trains the upper body strength of toddlers and the hands, as well as coordinating them. The hanging pole is also a good vestibular input.


A seesaw requires coordination, sequencing, and cooperation between two children at the same time, to create an up and down motion. The balance and strength of the core of the upper body are very necessary when your child is up and down. Not only that, but your kids are also learning teamwork and coordination with the friend in front of them.

Spring Rider

Seat springs or spring riders are usually played by moving back and forth. Even though it seems ordinary, this game provides proprioceptive benefits or senses that are responsible for giving messages related to body position and movements. Not only that, but spring rider is also beneficial for the vestibular when the body moves. Toddlers who play this game need to coordinate their body movements to make the spring chair they ride move and balance.