Being a famous person has become the dream of most people who actively play on social media. And having a lot of followers or followers has become an absolute thing. Like one of the Instagram social media. After buying Facebook in 2012, Instagram users continue to increase sharply every year.

Instagram itself has just announced that it has got one billion users from all over the world. Given that in September 2017 Instagram only had 800 million users. Of course, the increase in this number has experienced a very significant and extraordinary increase. Thus, you can find out that the social media platform for uploading photos and videos belonging to Facebook has increased growth. Able to reap the growth of 200 million new users in a short time. With so many Instagram users, of course, you will get various benefits from Instagram.

This social media Instagram is generally only used to post pictures and videos. However, with these uses, it turns out that this media can be used to get more profit or be used as commercial media.

Many business people use the Instagram platform as a medium for promoting their products or services. They use free Instagram followers to make their product more salable in the market. Therefore, here are the advantages of having Instagram followers.

1. Make Money

Imagine when you were an entrepreneur who was promoting a new product. You only need to post one photo and you can get responses from your followers actively. Because there are followers who certainly have an interest in you. Therefore you will find it easier to provide offers that will convert them. Just like a fan of a band, they will find it easier to spend their money to get products from the band. That’s the benefit of having a large following on Instagram.

2. Can inspire change

Now, there are the advantages that you can get if you have many followers, which can give you the strength to bring about a change. Only with many followers on your account, can advance social or environmental issues more strongly.

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3. Become an Influencer

Having a large number of followers indirectly requires you to continue to grow. Whether from what you post or your character. You will feel the need to “feed” your followers and you have the social burden to inspire them. This is very positive for your business owners. It will be easier for you to influence your thoughts, your point of view, and also offer them offers.

The thing to remember is to keep trying to interact with your followers through your posts. Get them to share their opinion on what you post. Find out their needs and try to provide information that answers their problems. That way they will have confidence in you and feel the true benefits of Instagram.

4. Get More Clients Than Competitors

Let’s talk about Trust. When other people who are not your followers view your Instagram profile page. the first thing they will see is what points make you have a lot of followers. What benefits do you give to your followers on Instagram? Therefore you need to continue to provide detailed information about your products and services in some of your posts. Then change your Instagram profile to a Business Profile by linking it to the Facebook Page as well.

By seeing your seriousness, and complete information about your services. This will generate trust from others and lead to the addition of your new business clients. Remember, clients can also come from your previous Instagram followers. The benefits of Instagram that you get at this point will certainly make you the trust of your followers.

5. Increase Traffic Or Visits On Your Account

When we see many opportunities to expand our target market. We certainly will think that we need traffic for every marketing medium that we have. For example, if you have a landing page or an online store website. You need triggers that lead people to come to visit and interact on your website too. Through the strong promotional media that you already have on Instagram. You can use this as a distraction so that your followers also visit your website. Through the benefits of Instagram, it is nothing but to make transactions or read the marketing articles that you have prepared. By having a lot of followers, you get organic traffic without having to do advertisements. This will save your marketing expenses because you will probably only advertise on Instagram.

Here are five benefits of Instagram that you can get, by having a lot of followers on Instagram. So for those of you new business owners, don’t hesitate to use Instagram as a medium for promoting your products or services. There are many ways to increase your Instagram followers. You only need to buy Instagram followers.

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