Today I want to talk about household appliances again. It’s okay, right? The one who gets caught this time is the Cooler Box. Maybe, this thing rarely has it. The problem is, not all of them need this box object. Usually, this one object is used for certain needs only. Come on, immediately discuss the functions and kinds.

As the name implies, this object is a container used to store food and beverage ingredients at low temperatures, aka cold. This device is a thick box and large enough but relatively easy to carry around.

This box object is often found in traders who sell cold food and drinks. Usually, they bring this tool to store the ice which will be used in mixing the product. This one I see most often. Apart from that, it is also the itinerant frozen food vendors who like to go home.

In contrast to the dispenser which is only able to store water for serving in two modes: hot and cold. This cane box is more flexible for the matter of stored material. The function of this box does not stop as a storage for food and beverages.

It can also be used as a storage for vaccines and blood which require low-temperature storage when moving to another place. This low temperature keeps the items stored in it fresh.

For those of you who are interested in buying this one item, you must know, several types of cooler boxes are distinguished from their constituent materials. Come on, get to know the various types seen from the constituent material!

Plastic Cooler Box

This type seems to be the type most commonly used, even by traders of cold food and drinks. This plastic material is known to have high quality in keeping the material cool. This type is relatively widely used by people and it is not surprising that innovation in the form of adding wheels is given to the plastic cooler box. The addition of this wheel is based on the reflection of its users who often carry heavy loads such as ice cubes using this type.

Cooler Box Cloth

If you think the cloth will speed up the process of melting ice, then it’s a big mistake, because the cloth used in this cooler box is the cold-resistant canvas. Not just cloth, this type of cooler box also uses a layer of foam which is useful for making the cooler box more practical to carry anywhere without fear of the risk of melting ice and even leaking.

Metal Cooler Box

It is common knowledge that metal is the strongest material to withstand both high and low temperatures. Also, this material is fairly strong because it is not easily broken, bent, and has relatively high durability. Therefore, this type of cooler box will be highly recommended. Unfortunately, this type is relatively heavy and less practical for the needs of being carried everywhere.

Cooler Box Styrofoam

If you want a light one, then this type will be the most appropriate choice. Styrofoam material is known to be lightweight and in terms of price, this cooler box is the cheapest. Also, it is the most compact box and not too cumbersome to carry when traveling for a relatively short time. So, no more troublesome words to carry cold food and drinks when traveling.

Electric cool box

As quoted from https: //www.elektrischek├╝, Cooler box with compressor works with closed circuit and gas refrigerant. The principle is the same as the refrigerator. The compressor compresses the coolant, then the coolant melts and becomes vapor again. This process extracts heat from the cooler. The compressor cooler can cool the interior to minus ten degrees, depending on the model.

Different electric cooler boxes

There are three different models. There are models that work with a compressor, that work with a self-adjusting absorber, or that use a Peltier box.

Electric cooler box advantages:

  • cools permanently
  • very effective

Disadvantages of an electric cooler:

  • expensive
  • requires 230V power connection or 12V connection in the car

There are several types of cooler boxes that you need to know. Interested or in need of this one thing? Adjust to your needs and abilities, so don’t force yourself to buy if you don’t have a special need or sufficient financial support.