Ethereum or Bitcoin: Which Is the Best Investment?

Ethereum and Bitcoin projects work in different directions. It would be wrong to compare them from a technical point of view. However, traders are still wondering: is it better to buy BTC or ETH? When choosing what is better to invest in Bitcoin – Ethereum, you need to take into account when and for what these systems were created, otherwise, the comparison will be incorrect.

Bitcoin Peculiarities

The digital currency Bitcoin was introduced to the general public back in 2009. It has become a good alternative to traditional currencies such as the euro, dollar, yuan, etc. Simply put, Bitcoin is electronic money that is not influenced by the state and maintains the anonymity of its owner.

Such a cryptocurrency is needed by any individual or legal entity who wants to make an online exchange, buy/sell any services or goods using it. At the same time, no one will be able to block his/her account, trace the origin of money, and transactions with them. More than that, coins are stored in special electronic wallets and do not interact with the banking system.

Ethereum Peculiarities

As for Ethereum, one can say that the platform was launched in 2014. Its main goals are:

  • to provide another means of payment;
  • to give users a new, unique offer.

The blockchain-based multifunctional platform includes:

  • the unique ability to conclude SMART contracts between parties based on decentralized applications available on the portal;
  • the functionality of the EVM virtual machine: given sufficient time and memory, it can run an application created using any existing programming language;
  • the availability of Internal currency Ether and the ability to create your token using open source;
  • lots of startups and ICOs are being created on the ETH portal.

Investment Features

To get an answer to the question “What is the best investment now?” it is worth considering these digital projects from the point of view of the main growth prospects. They are presented in the table below.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has authorized the trading of futures contracts for the ETH cryptocurrency in 2021.The stabilization of the surges in the market rate of the BTC cryptocurrency is the reason for the increased interest of investors in traditional financial markets in preserving capital in bitcoins.
Merging of Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0 systems in 2022. It will obviously change the Ethereum network as well as significantly increase the number of ETH transactions processed per second on the new blockchain.Investment funds and large companies started investing in BTC cryptocurrency.
Application of the PoS algorithm in the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain. In 2021, the consensus-building mechanism is attracting more and more users of digital assets.Approval of Bitcoin-ETF trading in 2021.

What Is the Most Profitable Way to Exchange Ethereum for Bitcoin?

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