Each user should be well aware that his computer device, which he uses to access the Internet, is recognized by a unique IP address. It is impossible to hide it by changing nicknames and passwords in accounts or on mail portals. But, such a need often arises, for example:

To access a resource blocked by supervisory authorities.
To send mass mailings or install reviews on behalf of various users.
The problem can be solved quite simply by contacting the website of the company proxy-seller.ru, which provides personal IPv4 proxies in unlimited quantities necessary for the client to successfully conduct his business or launch an advertising project.

Benefits of using the 4th version

Advanced users are well aware that the IPv4 standard was developed back in 1981. It fully guarantees confidentiality, due to the fact that the server will determine not the real IP address of the computer device, but the value of the proxy used. The protocol allows:

  • Maintain 32-bit capacity.
  • Conduct an Internet connection at significant speeds.

Despite the fact that unlike the more advanced version 6 has some problems, it is preferred by over 4 billion users. That is why the IPv4 proxy format continues to be popular.

We will take an example of You-Proxy.com, the client has the ability to select the IP-address of the country by which the requested server will identify him. This provides for the issuance of proxies for 100 different network and 300 subnetwork channels at a speed of up to 100 Mb / second. There are no restrictions on the amount of traffic used with the purchased proxy.

For more information on the purchase of IPv4 proxies, please refer to the official website of the company. A project consultant in a chat format will help you make the best choice and place an order in full confidentiality.