Get to Know the Freight Forwarding Company

This time I want to share knowledge about freight forwarding companies. In this article, I will share with you about a freight forwarding company. I will discuss what the definition of a freight forwarding company is, then what forms of services are offered and what are the future trends for freight forwarding companies in Australia. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to know more about the SPH Transport Services company. SPH is the best freight forwarding company in Australia.

We start from the definition.

A freight forwarding company is a company engaged in freight forwarding services. As we all know, shipping of goods occurs because of the need to deliver goods from one place to another. Usually the shipment of goods occurs due to the following:

• The existence of a sale and purchase transaction.
• To fill the needs of goods in other locations.

To move items from one place to another requires a method. Some methods used to move items from one place to another include:

• Transfer of goods with the help of human labor
• Transfer of goods with the help of tools or technology created by humans, such as carts, cars, trucks.

Tools for moving goods from one place to another are referred to as means of transportation.
While the transfer media can be by land, sea or air. Both those that are one city, between cities and up to between countries.

Then why do people need freight forwarding services

The transportation equipment is very limited in nature. Therefore, a third party is needed to help carry out the transfer of goods, and a freight forwarder appears.

Legality of Freight Forwarding Services

In relation to legality, to run a freight forwarding business in Australia, permission to set up a business and establish a company is required in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in Australia, whether in the form of CV or PT, although there are also those who still carry out services delivery of goods in the form of individuals without having a business form.
The shape of the freight forwarding company also varies. in Australia according to the form of service business being carried out. We know there are logistics companies, expeditions or trucking companies. Although all also run almost the same business, namely freight forwarding services.

Form of Shipping Service

There are several types of goods shipping services commonly offered in Australia. I will try to explain based on the criteria of the goods delivered and the practical needs currently in Australia.

1. Full truck Load (FTL)

we can rent one truck as needed. The type of truck depends on weight and volume capacity. Usually our needs will depend on the weight or volume of the goods to be shipped.

2. Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

sometimes the goods we are sending will have a very large capacity if we use one truck. For example, the capacity of our goods is only 2 tons, while trucks can carry up to 4 tons. Therefore, there are freight forwarding companies that take advantage of this opportunity by collecting goods from many service users to meet the capacity of the trucks used. In this way, service users can get an efficient price, while service providers can get optimal benefits.

3. Shipping goods via sea.

For the process of shipping via the sea, there are several ways that can be done. the first is shipping by placing items in the container. Like trucks, service providers also provide a selection of services based on capacity usage known as Full Charter Load (FCL) for full container use and Less Than Container Load (LCL) for partial container capacity use. Container shipping is carried out by shipping companies that have cargo ships that can load containers. In addition there are also freight forwarding providers that provide freight forwarding services via fast boats and ferries with smaller capacities.

4. Shipping goods via air

the characteristic of delivering goods via air is the speed at which goods are shipped. Therefore, the tariff applied is also higher than shipping by land or sea

5. Courier / express

is shipping goods to service users who want goods delivered quickly. Because of its fast nature, the price given is also much higher. Usually used by service users who send goods with a volume of goods and or lighter weight.