Influencer Marketing is a new digital marketing format that has evolved in recent years, its dependence was less in the early internet marketing years when Facebook was delivering great organic reach.

But as platforms began trumping the organic reach to push their PPC advertising model, Digital Marketers had to shift to influencer marketing so that they can sustain their clients and help them get fantastic results from social media content marketing.

Right now if you search the topic influencer marketing on Google Trends, you will see that the trend is only growing, it’s not declining at the very least.

Influencers are people who have established themselves in a particular niche and through spectacular content, they amass a huge following, people follow them for their expertise in that niche.

People follow Tim the Bio Hacker because they are intrigued by the concept of biohacking and want to dig deeper into it so that they can benefit from it.

Influencer Marketing for a SaaS Startup is not just restricted to finding influencers on Social Media, Influencers in B2B Niches can found in blogs and email newsletters too.

Imagine you are a women-led startup that has launched this brilliant SEO product in the market wouldn’t it be great to get featured on the #SEOFOMO newsletter that has thousands of applicants and has established itself in the SEO Niche?

How do you go about it anyway?

1. Find the correct influencer

It begins with first finding the influencer that is a perfect fit for your SaaS product. You need to get the basics right. Finding the influencer who specifically caters to your niche, has baseline followers that get your product a decent reach, one who stays aligned to the niche.

Look at how he engages with this tribe, whether the people following him genuinely love him or not.

Looking for authenticity in his tone, one who is passionately promoting every other SaaS product will not be seen as a trustworthy resource by his followers.

And if your product is genuinely good then there is nothing to worry about if he says Xyz about my product.

2. Build Relationships that last

Don’t treat influencers as if they are a mere tool like a Facebook or Google Ads aimed towards delivering you a certain reach.

Influencers are human beings, and if you foster good relations with them then that goes a long way with them going overboard to promoting your product, actually trying your product, and promoting your product even after you are done paying them.

This happens only if you build relations.

You can nurture a community of influencers who promoted your product and stay in touch with them.

3. Think beyond numbers

Don’t make influencer marketing a number game for your SaaS Product. Sometimes in the pursuit of big numbers, you miss out on a niche audience who you could have tapped leveraging micro and nano influencers.

It is worth noting that in the SaaS industry generally the ticket size is higher and you receive a recurring earning out of your customers.

Considering this possibility, even if there is an influencer who has amassed a list of 250 people in his email marketing newsletter believe me it is worth collaborating with him to reach the very people who are your target audience.

4. Encourage Influencers to join your online community

Every SaaS Startup understands how important it is to build an online community of users, most of them go ahead and build one on Facebook Groups or Discord.

One way to make the community even great is encouraging the influencers to join your community so that your community tribes don’t just listen to you and that there is more for them to take.

The value that the industry influencer will add to the community is exactly what’s gonna stop our community tribe from leaving your community.

You can make it a habit to throw a watch party or AMA (Ask Me Anything)  sessions every week, deciding on a day and time that works for everyone, pick a topic and get the influencer to conduct these sessions.

It is important that the SaaS founder also participates in these sessions and proactively ask questions disguising himself as a community member. A leader volunteering encourages others to ask questions.

Summing it up

A SaaS Startup solves a unique problem for its users to get the word out it needs to leverage whatever resources it can.

Influencer Marketing is a go-to route when it comes to that, it allows you to tap into the pool of targeted audience for your product that already exists by leveraging some else’s network.

This is not to say that a SaaS shouldn’t build its presence on social media that is essential but at the same time, there is an opportunity to tap into the other audience segments which shouldn’t be abandoned.