Every student is expected to have a good learning strategy. Students need to understand that there is no definite and precise ‘formula’ to formulate the best rules for dealing with students in the Ib Program Bangkok. It all depends on the student himself. Every material that is studied is supposed to have its own impression. Students who do the right way of learning will more easily achieve success compared to students who learn irregularly.

If every teacher and student is able to create a memorable learning atmosphere, the atmosphere of teaching and learning will be even more alive.

Here are memorable study tips to help students:

1. Make use of available time

Every student is expected to be able to take advantage of time wherever they are. For example, while walking home, waiting for transportation, or being monitored, try while reading one or remember a lesson that has been read.

2. Always carry a book

Take the book with you wherever you go. This attitude is not meant to be serious to always learn.

3. Study in the morning

Learning in the morning is more, the brain is more receptive to what is being learned because the brain is still fresh.

4. Make a summary

The summary is to review what you have read. At the test, you simply repeat learning from the summary.

5. Follow the complete schedule

Obey the schedule that has been set. Don’t follow negative feelings. Sometimes one of the lessons is boring, you should just follow it, it’s your job as a student to follow all the lessons that have been determined.

6. Trying question last year

It aims to study the questions that have already been tested, who knows that some will be released again this year.

7. Repeat the material often

The more often you repeat the material, the more you will memorize and understand.

8. Ask those who don’t understand

Just ask material that you do not understand directly to the teacher or to a smart friend.

9. Focus on weak lessons

If there is one lesson that is difficult to understand, often read over and over.

10. Visit the library

The library is a source of knowledge, all your questions will be answered in certain books.

11. Be a good example at home

Make yourself an example to your sister and neighbors. Tell them not to waste the future with nothing important.

12. The balance between curriculum and academic

13. Learn self-correction

Don’t compare with smart friends, maybe they have a higher IQ. Make it your guide to progressing, you should read more often to always remember the material.

14. Preparation before the test

Review all material to be tested.

15. Avoid emotional disturbances

This disorder, for example, invited to play that is less important. Replace playing activities by listening to music that can support the learning atmosphere.

16. Reduce housework

When it comes to school exams, you should help parents with activities that choose jobs that are easy and not draining.

17. Plan a schedule to review last year’s material

18. Learn to adjust yourself to all circumstances

19. Be careful of friends who are not in line with you

20. Keep learning even though there has been no progress

21. Show your talents and interests

Those are some memorable learning tips, hopefully, they will provide many benefits to the readers. Learning is a process of activities that contain art. If you can master the art, then you can succeed even if you have some shortcomings. Great hope, hopefully, this memorable study tips sheet will strengthen you to reach brighter achievements in the lesson