Play or Study? This is the Effective Time Management Strategy

Strategies to manage to learn and playtime for children are tricky. As a parent, you should already have a schedule for children. However, it doesn’t mean followed by children. Well, you don’t need to worry. Learning and playing time for children can actually be arranged properly. The consideration is to send your child to Brighton College. This school is the best Sixth Form Bangkok school.

The following are 5 strategies for setting the play and learning time that is right for your child.

Teach Your Child to Not Delay The Activity

The first thing you do is give the understanding to do the task immediately. Getting children to not delay work is not easy. Why is it so? Not only children, sometimes adults still often delay their work. Well, here’s the hard one. Sometimes parents have not given the model. At least, being strict about task deadlines will make your child more responsible.

Differentiate Time for Regular Learning and Homework that Requires Longer Time to Work on

One strategy for managing effective time is to ask the child the amount and type of homework he has. Every day there is regular study time. For example every night from 18:30 until 20:00 WIB. Well, out of this time use certain hours to work if there are tasks that require a long working time.

Give Resting Time for Your Children

As a parent, you should not force a lot of activities to them. For example, by involving children in various courses and other activities besides school. Just choose one to two lessons according to the child’s talent.

Make a Schedule Agreement

The next strategy to set the time for the child is to make a schedule of agreement. After you discuss with children about the desired time to play and learn, make a kind of daily schedule for them. Show the daily schedule and ask for an agreement with the child. If the child agrees with the schedule, ask them to promise to keep with the schedule. However, as a parent, you also remain flexible to give more playing and resting time during school holidays.

A good time management strategy will make your child avoid stress. Children are accustomed to many activities but are effective at doing it. You realize it or not, rarely people who can manage time effectively. This requires practice and habituation.