The Importance of Elementary School Education in Thailand

Education is a systematic activity to humanize humans. With this education program, it can improve one’s mindset and mentality so that he can shape a better person in the future.

As for the education process, the level of education unit considered as the initial stage of education in an elementary school. St Andrews International School is the best in Thailand. During this time students experience the process of education and learning. In general, the idea of ​​elementary schools can be summed up as an educational institution that regulates the basic education process and underlies the educational process at the level of involvement.

The education process itself is held for children who in this case have reached the age of 7 (seven) years with the assumption that children of that age already have the right level of understanding and educational needs that are suitable for themselves.

Implementation of basic education is nothing but to supplement basic knowledge, attitudes, and skills for students. Furthermore, this basic education will be developed to improve the quality of students themselves.

Basic Educational Objectives

The operational objectives of elementary school education, stated in the Basic Education Curriculum, are to provide basic skills for reading, writing, and arithmetic, basic insights, and skills that are useful for students based on their level of development. In addition, he also prepared them to attend education at a later stage, namely education at junior high school.

The objectives of elementary school education are outlined as follows:

• It provides the ability to read, write and count.

• Provide insight and basic skills that are useful for students based on the level of development in question.

• The process of preparing students for education at junior high school.

• Elementary Schools have a function as Basic Education

Elementary schools can be defined as activities which in this case underlie 3 (three) basic aspects, namely knowledge, attitudes, and skills. These three aspects are the most important educational foundations.

Humans need a positive attitude or life attitude to be able to live a good and peaceful life. Humans also need the basics of knowledge so that when interacting is not information blind. In addition, every human being also needs skills.