Businessman touching an icon on a touch screen monitor

In recent years, many people have noticed that video content has become the most popular content type. So, today to develop any business in any field it is necessary to provide some kind of video content like video promotion or presentation. 

In the industry of real estate to increase sales it is a great idea to use 3D product animation services. Due to the animated visualization of a planned design, it is possible to draw the attention of clients. Inasmuch as 3D product animation allows to get a 360-degree view and understand the construction of all details. 

There are 7 main reasons why the technology of 3D animation is beneficial for the business:

  • Increase of the brand awareness 
  • E-commerce outstanding listings 
  • Posting on different marketing platforms 
  • Assurance of the full immersion 
  • Website conversion boost 
  • Cross-selling strategy development 
  • Related video content 

Increase of the Brand Awareness 

Animation allows you to see a product in action and make your client closer to the creation process and therefore closer to the brand creator. Additionally, the animation is the easiest and quickest way to familiarize clients with all design details.

E-commerce Outstanding Listings 

Text description and photos from 5 different angles are not enough for the client. Moreover, such content is considered to be more complicated. So, try to include all information in the animation format. 

Posting on Different Marketing Platforms 

3D animation works greatly on such marketing channels as social media YouTube, and TV. Considering the fact that the main content broadcasted on these platforms is video an animation fits in perfectly. 

Assurance of the Full Immersion

3D animation allows creating a virtual reality, which gives a possibility to feel the space not just to see it. The technology makes any design drawing tangible, so, it is easier for customers to evaluate it.  

Website Conversion Boost 

Landing pages and blogs with video content are more demanded. So, it is necessary to post videos with 3D product animations on the official website of the company to catch the attention of potential customers. 

Cross-selling Strategy Development 

Cross-selling works when you demonstrate several products in one video and customers want to buy all of them or at least most of them. When the animation shows a cozy room with beautiful accessories clients understand that they need all details from the video to recreate the same atmosphere. 

More often a client who planned to watch only one video keeps watching related videos. With 3D animation, it is possible to create compilations of videos.